Meet Bishop James Swanson: Get Your Spirit in Shape


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In this conversation, Bishop Swanson shares how his home church shaped him, the importance of “glory sightings” and the spiritual reason he carries a rock in his toiletry bag.

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“The church gave a lot of shape and form to my sense of being, my sense of who I was and purpose and meaning in life,” says Bishop James Swanson of the Mississippi Conference of The United Methodist Church. Sunday school teachers, pastors and others played special roles in his life. “You couldn’t get away from them,” he says through laughter. “Whatever you did in life—whether it was good or bad or whatever—it was reported back home.”

In this conversation, Bishop Swanson talks about those early days in the church, his extraordinary call to ministry, why he encourages people to share their “glory sightings,” and the spiritual reason he carries a rock in his toiletry bag when he travels.

Meet Bishop James Swanson.

Bishop James Swanson

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This episode posted on March 29, 2019.