COB Christmas Letter: Let's be more loving like Christ

December 16, 2021
WASHINGTON, D.C. -  The United Methodist Church Council of Bishops President Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey is optimistic that 2022 will offer more opportunities for United Methodists through the world to engage in increased ministry and to be more loving.
In the COB Christmas 2021 letter released today, Bishop Harvey, who is also the resident bishop of Louisiana, said the COVID-19 pandemic, racial unrest, hurricanes, tornadoes, job losses and the brokenness of our world have not deterred the UMC in its mission.
“As we enter 2022, we will continue to make room for all to be welcome. Christ compels us to live creatively in the context of all the new possibilities that only a true gift of Christ can bring. We have more opportunities for us to be a living and more loving United Methodist Church as we experience Emmanuel, God with us! “Bishop Harvey said in the letter.
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