United Methodists in the Philippines seek UMC unity

           WHEREAS, We, United Methodists in the Philippines are intensely opposed to any move that dissolves the United Methodist Church.  From the beginning of the Church in the New Testament, division and schism in the Church are to be avoided and unity must be achieved and maintained.
           WHEREAS, in faith, United Methodism is apostolic and ecumenically generous. We must maintain this position if we are to be part of the Christian communities in the world.
           WHEREAS, in polity, United Methodists have three elements in our structural legacy. They are:
  1. Locality or contextuality: that is why we have local churches, annual conferences and central conferences; being responsive to our missional context is obligatory.
  1. Connectionality in relationships; that is why there is a General Conference and a Council of Bishops; having a global identity and organic structure are necessary.
  1. Globality in inclusiveness; that is why the UMC reaches out in mutual relations with all governments and civil communities that promote Christian values and principles. Wesley said: “The world is my parish.”
WHEREAS, these structural legacies are to be maintained and promoted in any restructuring of the UMC, and they are all opposed to the move to dissolve the UMC.
           WHEREAS, there is now a need to reimagine the future of United Methodism because the world both locally and globally has changed, and we need to take this change as the context for witnessing to our faith regionally, in doing our mission and living our life as a church.
           WHEREAS, we recommend the following for restructuring the United Methodist Church:
  1. The UMC is to be restructured into regional conferences, within which will remain central conferences, annual conferences and local churches.
  1. The UMC will remain as one global church in which regional, central, annual and local conferences are organic parts; but have the authority to decide their witness, mission and ministry, thus, preserving locality and connectionality.
  1. The Council of Bishops shall be retained as both the living organic symbol of the globality of the UMC; and the mechanism for general and local oversight over all the UMC.
WHEREAS, these elements for restructuring the UMC will both preserve the organic integrity and identity of the UMC and make it free and responsive to the new world that is aborning.
We, the College of Bishops, together with the United Methodists in the Philippines, resolve and do hereby resolve that this resolution is the position of United Methodism in the Philippines, and do hereby submit it for due consideration to the General Commission on the General Conference and to all agencies and members of the United Methodist Church.
Done today, August 31, 2019 in Manila, Philippines by the College of Bishops.
  1. Bishop Rodolfo A. Juan- President, COB
  2. Bishop Emerito P. Nacpil
  3. Bishop Daniel C. Arichea
  4. Bishop Solito K. Toquero
  5. Bishop Jose C. Gamboa, Jr.
  6. Bishop Ciriaco Q. Francisco (participating thru Zoom)
  1. Bishop Pedro M. Torio, Jr. – Secretary, COB
  2. Bishop Leo A. Soriano
  3. Bishop Benjamin A. Justo