Emerito Nacpil

Bishop Emerito Nacpil



cob_hs_nacpil-150x225.jpg Bishop Emerito P. Nacpil is a Retired Bishop of The United Methodist Church, having served from 1980-2001.

In 1997, he became the President of the Council of Bishops to serve a one-year term.

Emerito P. Nacpil was born in Tarlac, the Philippines. Beginning with student appointments, Emerito served local churches. During this time he was ordained both deacon and elder by Bishop José Valencia and joined the Philippines Annual Conference. He received a Bachelor of Theology from Union Theological Seminary in the Philippines and a B.A. from Philippine Christian College. He then came to the United States to attend Drew University from which he received his Ph.D.

Returning home, Emerito Nacpil took up responsibilities at Union Theological Seminary, first as Professor, then Academic Dean, then President. During this time he was also Chairman of the Board of Ordained Ministry of the Middle Philippines Annual Conference.

In 1974 Emerito Nacpil was named Executive Director of the Association of Theological Schools in Southeast Asia and Dean of the Southeast Asia Graduate School of Theology, the positions he was holding when the Philippines Central Conference elected him to the episcopacy in November, 1980. He had been Chairman of the Commission on Church Structure of the Philippines Central Conference for the past two quadrennia. Bishop Nacpil has also been very active in ecumenical affairs, serving on both the Faith and Order Commission and the Central Committee of the World Council of Churches.

Bishop Nacpil was assigned to the Manila Area where he administered the Mindanao Annual Conference, the Philippines Annual Conference and the Southwest Philippines Provisional Annual Conference. He retired in 2001.

Angelina Baron del Rosario married Emerito P. Nacpil on April 16, 1956, when he was finishing his theological training at Union Seminary. She became a pastor's wife and mother of their two children, Newell and Cynthia.