Jose Quipungo

Bishop Jose Quipungo



Africa Central Conference

Angola East Episcopal Area


Bishop José Quipungo was elected to the episcopacy in 2000. He is the Resident Bishop of East Angola Area, which includes the East Angola Conference in the Africa Central Conference of The United Methodist Church.

Bishop José Quipungo is the son of Quipungo (King - Khunga Muxinda), and Elisa (Queen - Mbanza Mumbanda), both deceased, born in East Angola - Baixa de Cassange (kingdom of Khunga Muxinda), in Xá-Muteba, Baixa de Cassange, then the province of Malange, and today known as Luanda North.

Quipungo has been an active member of the United Methodist Church since he was a teenager. He served as Youth Director of the District of Quela. He was a student and an associate pastor in Rudge Ramos Methodist Church in Brazil, and he earned his degree in theology (Social Science and Religion) from the Methodist Institute of Higher Education, in S. Paulo, Brazil.

He has served as deputy to the National Assembly of Angola, and served as pastor of Monte Sinai United Methodist Church in Luanda from 1999 until his election to the episcopacy. Previously, he served the Central United Methodist Church in Luanda for six years.

He was elected to the episcopacy at the 9th Africa Central Conference of the Methodist Church in Maputo, Mozambique, in 2000. At the same time, he was appointed to preside at the Annual Conference of East Angola. "I believe that the more united the Church is, the more prosperous it will be in terms of evangelization, health, and education."

In 2004, Quipungo was re-elected to the episcopacy, and became a bishop for life at the 10th Africa Central Conference of the United Methodist Church in Johannesburg, South Africa, on August 19, 2004. He was appointed as President of the Africa Central Conference for four years, continuing as leader of the East Angola Annual Conference.

Quipungo is married to Laurinda Vidal Quipungo, a physician. Bishop and Mrs. Quipungo have three sons and two daughters, Arsénio, Arez, Divino, Elisa and Esperança, and three grandchildren.