Kainda Katembo

Bishop Kainda Katembo



Congo Central Conference

cob_hs_katembo-150x225.jpg Bishop Kainda Katembo is a retired Bishop of The United Methodist Church, having served from 1980-2016.

Bishop Katembo was born in Mpidi, Zambia. After attending primary schools in Kolwezi and Likasi, Kainda went to high school in Mulungwishi. He holds degrees from the theological school in Mulungwishi and the theological school in Kinshasa, where he received his M. Div.

Bishop Katembo was ordained both deacon and elder by Bishop John Wesley Shungu and became a member of the Southern Zaire Annual Conference. At this time he was assigned to do pioneer pastoral work in a rural area of Zaire. After two years he became District Superintendent in Kaniama and Murung. He later taught in the theological school at Likasi and left this position to work on his M. Div. degree at Kinshasa.

Bishop Kainda had been principal of a church-owned junior high school and Assistant Pastor of Katuba/Lubumbashi Church for just one year when he was elected bishop.
When Kainda Katembo was elected to the episcopacy at the 1980 Africa Central Conference, he became the youngest living bishop in The United Methodist Church. He is assigned to the Southern Zaire Area. The 1984 Africa Central Conference elected Kainda Katembo a bishop for life.

He is married to Kashala and they are parents to six sons: Kainda, Kafweta, Xutela, Kanema, Naweji and Verda.