Rosemarie Wenner

Bishop Rosemarie Wenner



Germany Central Conference

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Bishop Rosemarie Wenner is a Retired Bishop in The United Methodist Church, having served from 2005-2017.

From 2012-2014, Bishop Wenner was the President of the Council of Bishops. 

She was born in and grew up in Eppingen, nurtured by a small UMC congregation in southern Germany. She studied at the United Methodist Theological Seminary in Reutlingen and served as pastor of congregations in Karlsruhe-Durlach, Hockenheim and Darmstadt-Sprendlingen before her appointment as superintendent of the Frankfurt District in 1996.

In February 2005, she was elected bishop at the Germany Central Conference in Wuppertal - the first woman elected to the United Methodist episcopacy outside of the United States.

Bishop Wenner is married to Tobias Wenner and they live in Nussloch, Germany.